I am a Research Scientist at NVIDIA Research (My NVIDIA research page). I joined NVIDIA in 2011 after obtaining my Ph.D. degree from Grenoble University at INRIA in France (thesis document here). My research interests include real-time realistic rendering, global illumination, alternative geometric and material representations (voxel-based), ray-tracing, anti-aliasing techniques, distributed rendering, as well as out-of-core data management. My predominant research direction focuses on the use of pre-filtered geometric representations for the efficient anti-aliased rendering of detailed scenes and complex objects, as well as global illumination effects. My most impactful contributions are the GigaVoxels rendering pipeline and the GIVoxels/VXGI voxel-based indirect illumination technique, with several hardware implications in the NVIDIA Maxwell architecture.


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GigaVoxels: Voxels Come Into Play

GigaVoxels: Voxels Come Into Play

Crassin, Cyril

Crytek Conference Talk. Crytek GmbH. Frankfurt, Germany, 2009. (Misc)

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Building with Bricks: Cuda-based Gigavoxel Rendering

Building with Bricks: Cuda-based Gigavoxel Rendering

Crassin, Cyril; Neyret, Fabrice; Eisemann, Elmar

Intel Visual Computing Research Conference, 2009. (Inproceeding)

(Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Voxel, out-of-core, filtering, voxelization, gpu, ray-tracing, depth-of-field, real-time rendering, ray-casting, octree, GigaVoxels, cache)

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